A multi level approach

Multi-level training is an approach that recognizes and values ​​the fact that each person brings personal qualities, experience, knowledge and skills that form their own starting point. It also recognizes that learning takes place at different rates and in different ways, depending on the individual, sometimes we make great strides and sometimes we feel we are stuck. This is normal and requires “simply” that we trainers recognize this reality and be alert and attentive to the changing landscape of learning, for the group and for the individuals in the group.

In a multi-level environment, we take care to create and maintain a space that allows and actively encourages each individual to follow their personal path through learning. Having students of different levels of learning in the same space is a rewarding experience for all – beginners benefit from modeling the method by the more experienced ones, and the more experienced by having the opportunity to clarify and deepen their understanding and their practice of method by working with people who are newer to the model.

Interestingly, this is also what happens in the therapeutic encounter. People come to us with their personal qualities, experiences, knowledge and skills. They make varying progress, sometimes going forward and sometimes seeming to go backwards – a multi-level training provides a precise model to develop the adaptability and flexibility needed to practice Hakomi.