Hakomi circles

Anyone who would like to experience Hakomi can participate in a day of Hakomi therapy called Hakomi Circle.


An experienced Hakomi trainer or teacher leads the therapy group.

Each participant can receive a Hakomi session during the day and also supports the other participants during their sessions. It is sometimes possible to come to a circle without a session, but this can only be confirmed on the spot.

It is important to participate in the day as a whole and to be prepared to support other participants in their self-study. This is the only commitment that is required.

The number of participants is limited to 8 people per day.

If you are new to Hakomi, please read the information for new customers (section: experience it).

For students in Hakomi, this format is highly recommended. It allows you to experience the entire method both as a client and as an assistant to a qualified therapist.

A Hakomi circle is organized as soon as the number of participants reaches 8 participants, please send us a message and we will put you on the waiting list.