Individual sessions

An individual session takes place at your practitioner working space and usually lasts an hour, unless it was mutually agreed of another duration.

Once the therapeutic relationship is established, recognizable by a sense of security and an atmosphere of curiosity and benevolence, the practitioner will pay more attention to the storyteller than to the story that is told, for it is in the non-verbal expression that will provide the indicators with which little experiments in mindfulness can be done. The practitioner will pay more attention to the storyteller than to the story, for is it in the non verbal expression that will provide the material for experiments.

Then one or more little experiments in mindfulness are set up so that the client can discover and re-evaluate those long held beliefs that may limit his possibilities in the present.

Here is an example of little experiment

Take a moment to observe / feel the position of your shoulders in this moment. Notice what sensations you have in the area, tense, tired, withdrawn, etc.., and any other information you can gather like how does it affect the nearby areas, like your chest, your neck, your back. Then exaggerate a little bit your posture and notice what changes, if anything, in your breathing pattern, emotions, feelings, thoughts, Maybe some words will come to your mind, what might they want to express ? Then return to your normal posture and notice if it feels any different.