Each workshop can be used to discover the Method.

Anyone interested in learning Hakomi can participate in the training workshops. Each workshop is a stand alone module in which you will experience many aspects of the method.

You can attend any workshop without committing to others. However, if you wish to learn the Hakomi Method, we encourage you to commit yourself to attending training workshops on a continual basis until you have done 45 days. We currently offer 15 days of training per year.

Teaching is first of all experiential. It is done by exercises practiced individually, in pairs or in small groups. The exercises are designed to convey the principles, concepts and tools specific to the Method. You can expect to be transformed while learning skills and knowledge that be useful to you in all your relationships.

Who can participate
Weekends are multi-level. You bring your personal qualities, your knowledge, your life experiences, which are the starting point of your learning. Beginners and advanced students enrich each other, beginners benefit from modeling the method by the most experienced, and the more experienced have the opportunity to clarify and deepen their understanding and practice by working with people who are starting.

General information

Sophie Cattier

Schedule workshops in person
10h – 17h30 (6 hours of courses + breaks)

Location workshops

4 day workshops : CHF 550.- per week-end (CHF 500.- early-bird rate)
2 day workshops : CHF 300.- per week-end (CHF 280.- early-bird rate)

If you want to benefit from the early-bird discount of CHF 500.-/CHF 280.- per workshop (instead of CHF 550.-/CHF 300.-) make sure that your payment reaches us before the date mentioned in the info for the selected workshop.

Terms of withdrawal
The early bird discount is fully refundable or transferable up to one month prior to the workshop. After this time, registration is not refunded or transferable.

Registration by email to