Who we are

The Hakomi Education Network (HEN) is an international group of people dedicated to preserving, developing and teaching the Hakomi Method as created by Ron Kurtz. During his life, Ron had made many changes in his original approach which he came to refer to as “mindfulness-based assisted self discovery”.

We feel connected as a world-wide Hakomi community which meets at least every one to three years in order to share ideas and inspiration. We met in  Vancouver Canada in 2011 and then in Puerto Morelos Mexico in 2013. The next meeting is planned in 2018 in Europe. We have members and trainers in Europe, Asia, North, South, and Central America.

Our center of communication is the website www.hakomieducationnetwork.com

We are dedicated to teaching the principles and practice of Hakomi throughout the world in many cultures and many ways, each of us sharing our love of the unique spirit and expression of this work.